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Who We Are?

We have the opportunity to reduce death and poisoning through all kinds of gases especially CO in the building to zero, and repair services for cooling systems with the help of artificial intelligence, and perform repairs in the shortest time and with the lowest cost. Reduce the cost of insurance and the challenges of repairing systems in the building for the owners. Our product is part of industry 4.0.

Our Story

Why is Severesense a part of industry 4.0 revolution?

The advance of Industry 4.0. means that within the next decade this will have shifted significantly. Advances in technology will mean creating smart buildings will become cheaper, easier and more accessible to all. The way buildings are designed, constructed, operated and maintained must adapt to keep pace and Severesense is exaclty doing it.
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Sale & Support

Our company has a brilliant history of producing different kinds of smart products in the building. We seek to reduce deaths and reduce costs and preserve the environment.

Repair & Maintenance

Our company provides home appliance repair services. Our systems intelligently identify defects and excessive consumption and send an alarm on the phone and, if the owner of the house agrees, proceed with repairs.

The Products We Produced

Intelligent building

Smart Oxygen Detection And Energy Consumption

We designed a Building oxygen detection system that command to ventilation systems and doors and windows of the building when oxygen decreased. It can also determine the consumption of each device and analysis as standard in the application and announcing the standard consumption on the phone. We also have a maintenance service.



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